Sze Zeng is my Chinese name. None of what I write here reflects the position of the organizations I'm affiliated with.

Prior to my relocation back to Malaysia, I have worked in Hong Kong, Australia, and Singapore. I have a Bachelor of Divinity (Trinity Theological College, Singapore), and am alumnus of Cambridge University's Inter-Faith Programme and Yale University's Pathway for Mutual Respect's Singapore Institute.

Co-edited books:

Authored book:

Authored articles:
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On other websites:
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Life's main challenge: 
"How do you live out gives thanks in everything? How do I live so that the message in my life communicates gratitude? Not anxiety, not acquisitiveness, not security, but gratitude. How do I live so that it's as if my face seems to be turned towards that source of gift? And that's not easy because the world presses on us with apparent priorities and anxieties, acquisition, and so on." (Rowan Williams in a 2008 interview)