Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Presbyterians' strange view on the sacred/secular divide

Do you all think it is strange that nowadays Presbyterians think and taught to think that the sanctuary in church building is not sacred (to avoid having congregational members think that the building is holy)... But on the other hand, think and taught to think that their secular work outside of the church is sacred (with all the prevailing 'theology of work' and the notion that there is no distinction between sacred/secular and private/public going around)?

Have you come across this tendency among Presbyterians to vacate sacredness from the spot for Sunday service, yet insert sacredness in the everyday routine of work and family life?

It seems that the notion of 'priesthood of all believers' has made everything, everywhere, and everyday priestly except things in the sanctuary, the sanctuary itself, and Sunday.

And then we wonder why congregational members is so slack during Sunday service in their late arrival to service, reluctant to participate in ministries, don't see a point in attending prayer meeting, and read their phones during sermon. While they arrive early for work meeting, active in volunteering in company's events, switch off their phones during business meeting, etc.

Of course this observation is not confined only among the Presbyterians, but across the local Protestant communities.

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