Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Population woes; then, now and future

More than 20 years ago, overpopulation was a concern. Hence the "Two is enough" campaign. Now, overpopulation is again a concern. Hence the "Hong Lim Park" gathering.

Then and now share the same concern: there is not enough supporting infrastructure and resources to cater to the increasing number of people.

The source of overpopulation in the past was internal. The present is external.

Many see today's underpopulation as the result of the 1980s campaign. So, they blame the campaigner. How would people in 2030s look at the present, and who would they blame?


blogpastor said...

Love the way you put it.
How people will look back depends on the results of the next four elections and how the powers that be respond to people's ultimate feedbacks.

Sze Zeng said...

Gong xi fa cai, Kenny!