Thursday, August 23, 2012

Morality without divinity?

Many non-Christians insist that we can have objective moral right and wrong without God. They think that secular values or humanist manifestos are independent from divinity and revelation. They want to affirm the goodness of life, enjoy the orderness of society, and demand equality and solidarity yet rejecting the source of all these. In a Cantonese idiom, they want the child but not the mother.

Here's one atheist philosopher, Joel Marks, who is honest enough to rebuke such nonsense:
I had thought I was a secularist because I conceived of right and wrong as standing on their own two feet, without prop or crutch from God. We should do the right thing because it is the right thing to do, period. But this was a God too. It was the Godless God of secular morality, which commanded without commander. (Emphasis original)


reasonable said...

apparently morality is ultimately a mere subjective preference... it is either the subjective preference of the divine (in theistic worldview) or the subjective preference of human beings (in atheistic worldview)

A friend of Christ said...

morality can exist without God in a non christian setting based on what the community generally agrees being right or wrong.

And what the community believes is more often or not interlinked with its culture, tradition, and religious faith beliefs. eg a certain faith may consider certain animals as sacred and of god and therefore not to be eaten.