Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The dire condition of Muslim army veterans in Malaysia

The video shows a group of Muslim army veterans who intruded the privacy of Ambiga and threatened her. They mockingly showed their buttock at her as a group, and shouted slogans supporting UMNO-BN and Prime Minister Najib.

When Ambiga offered 100Plus drink to the mob, the leader said:
Kita ini orang Melayu orang Islam kita minum air suam. Ini air kita tada minum. Kita pun ada law, you ada law, kita pun ada law.

[Translation: We are Muslim, Islamic people, we drink only warm water. We don't drink 100Plus. Just as you have law to follow, we too have our law to follow.]
I didn't know that Islam allows Muslims to drink only warm water and forbids them to drink 100Plus. So is it true that Islam teaches this? Or the army veteran was just talking cock? If the latter, then the Islamic authority in the country should take action against him for misrepresenting Islam. Unless Islam is fine with any Tom, Dick, and Harry to misrepresent Islam.

Then the mob's leader continued to say that he as a Malay cannot converse in English. Yet he repeatedly used English words in his speech (English words highlighted in red):
Saya ini orang Melayu cakap Melayu. Saya tak tau cakap bahasa Inggeris, so ini saya nak hadiah sama you ya untuk hadiah masa depan you ya, you serah kepada Anwar Ibrahim ya, okay? Saya bagi amaran sekali lagi, kami bekas tentera akan bertindak jika kamu melakukan satu lagi masalah untuk merosakan nama baik negara. You kena ingat, saya... you lawyer, I beri amaran. I beri amaran kepada you jangan buat lagi masalah kepada negara. Kami adalah perjuang negara yang tempuh di dalam hutan mencari keamanan negara dan kami tidak mau lagi negara ini menjadi hulu hara di atas perbuatan you, okay?

[Translation: I'm a Malay, I speak Malay. I don't know English. So this is my present for you to pass it to Anwar in the future, okay? Let me warn you, that we, the ex-soldiers, will take action if you tarnish the good name of this country again. Remember that I've given you a warning, lawyer. Don't create trouble for this country again. We were soldiers who fought in the jungle for the peace of this country, and we don't want you to jeopardize this peace, okay?]
This army veteran claimed that he cared very much for Malaysia's reputation. 

I wonder why didn't he and his mob go to the Prime Minister Najib's house to threaten him when it was exposed that Najib's administration paid £17 mllions to make a documentary which implicated the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and so tarnished the image of the country around the world?

I also wonder why didn't the army veteran and his mob threaten the UMNO-BN government when it was found out that the government embarassed the country's reputation by censoring BBC's coverage of the recent BERSIH event through Astro?

The army veteran was talking cock on this too?

So our Malaysian army veterans under UMNO-BN are good at two things: First, intrude the privacy of citizens and theaten them; and second, talk cock about Islam and patriotism?

And they can get away from it without any consequence.  

"But let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream." (Amos 5:24)

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