Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ridiculous rules in upcoming Malaysia general election

BERSIH alerted the public about this (H/T: Rama Ramanathan):
Yesterday, the 19th of April 2012, many Bills were rushed through Parliament.  One of them which appears to have escaped the attention of the public was a Bill that sought to amend the Election Offences Act 1954.  The amendments are, to say the least, shocking and have far reaching consequences upon the voting process.

They are designed solely for the purpose of making the voting process less transparent. Needless to say this Bill was passed.
(From Ramanathan) UMNO-BN has changed the election laws. Things you should know:
1. Restraints on defamatory, racist and sexist remarks have been removed.
2. There will be fewer independent polling agents at polling booths.
3. Independent observers will now be prevented from checking the IC's of voters.
4. Observers will not be able to check for indelible ink on the fingers of voters.
5. Phantom voters will be able to vote more freely than ever before.
6. Polling agent training attended by volunteers for years is 'suddenly' inapplicable.

These changes were implemented independently of the Parliamentary Select Committee.

1. Could there be anything more hypocritical than these changes?
2. Is the Election Commission independent?
3. Is BERSIH wrong to call the Election Commission to resign?
4. What should decent, honest leaders/supporters/instruments of BN to do?
5. How will we hold them accountable?
6. What should preachers to say tomorrow (Sunday) about these changes?
7. What should Christian members of the cabinet say or do?

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