Thursday, April 05, 2012

George Lindbeck was at Trinity Theological College, Singapore

"Dr. George Lindbeck, of Yale University, a widely known ecumenist, came to the College for one term. He directed a seminar on ecumenics for faculty members, pastors, and laymen."
(Timothy Y. H. Chow, 'Trinity Theological College---"Work In Progress" Report,' in Trinity Theological College Annual, vol. 6, ed., Clayton H. Chu [Singapore: Trinity Theological College, 1969], p.5. H/T: Leow Theng Huat.)

Lindbeck is recognized as one of the fathers of post-liberal theology (which means it is not liberal), or the so-called 'Yale-School' theology. His most famous book is The Nature of Doctrine: Religions and Theology in a Postliberal Age (USA: Westminster John Knox Press, 1984). Alister McGrath's The Genesis of Doctrine: A Study in the Foundation of Doctrinal Criticism (UK: Blackwell, 1990) engages Lindbeck's book extensively.


Martin Yee said...

Interesting! So a Yale-TTC tie up on post liberal arts existed long before the forthcoming Yale-NUS tie up on liberal arts :)

Any Harvard-TTC or Princeton-TTC tie up existed on record?

Sze Zeng said...

Hi Martin,

If I'm not wrong, TTC began its official arrangement--in terms of student exchange program--with Yale Divinity School in 2009.

I don't know if Yale-NUS is also only an student-exchange arrangement or something more.

Lindbeck's involvement at TTC in the 1960s lacks documented data, or at least I've no access to it. So don't know what kind of arrangment was that. :)

John Roxborogh said...

Lindbeck, George A. 'The present ecumenical and church situation in West Malaysia and Singapore,' South East Asia Journal of Theology, 11, 1969, pp.72-80