Friday, March 30, 2012

Jürgen Moltmann was at Trinity Theological College, Singapore

"Four weeks later, the semester ended, I set out on a long journey through East Asia (10. 2. - 10. 3. 1973). I took my first dip into the Asian world, for which Bangkok had given me a foretaste, and I was fascinated. The journey began with a short visit to Singapore, with two lectures and a sermon in Trinity Theological College on Mount Sofia."
(Jürgen Moltmann, A Broad Place: An Autobiography [UK: SCM Press, 2007], p.176.)

At that time Trinity Theological College was at Sophia Road, or commonly known as Mount Sophia.


Martin Yee said...

Thanks for interesting find.

Wow... I would have "begged" to attend Moltmann's lectures if TTC invites him.


Sze Zeng said...

Hi Martin,

At least there is a possibility for you to 'beg' to attend his lectures. As for me, I was literally non-existent at that time. :)

Martin Yee said...

I have been reading Moltmann's theological ideas on the Trinity. It is indeed very fascinating. The other guys I would have liked to hear will be Pannenberg, Tillich or Jenson. Will be interesting if TTC invites Postmodern theologians like Graham Ward or Barthian guru Bruce McCormack.

Sze Zeng said...

I would like to hear from them too, but TTC has no budget for that despite enthusiasm among students and faculty.

The Trinity lectures, once in 2 years, is currently the only avenue for such invitation. Majority of local Christian community is not too interested in such activities. If not, TTC would receive more endowment to set up lectures and professorship for this purpose. Anyway, Richard Bauckham will deliver the next Trinity lectures in 2013! :)