Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hurtado-ian perspective on Trinitarian and Christological controversies

Some thoughts on the relationship between theology and biblical studies:

(Larry) Hurtado-ian perspective concerns over the peculiar historical phenomena where a group of monotheistic Jewish people pay homage to a human person along with their devotion to one God.

To read historical theology particularly the 3rd and 4th theological controversies over God through the Hurtado-ian lens is to see these debates as the various Christian communities' articulation of the earliest Christians' experience of Jesus Christ.

What these Church Fathers were doing through the ecumenical councils is to adjudicate the best theological judgment over the historical devotion exemplified by their religious ancestors.


Martin Yee said...

Hi Sze Zeng,

Thanks. Hurtado has an interesting way of putting things in a scholarly manner. I find UK Biblical scholarship is very high std.

Btw today I was in SKS but could not find the book you previuosly recommended as good for apologetics. What is the title again?


Sze Zeng said...

Hi Martin,

I really enjoy reading his engagement with James Dunn on early Christian's devotion to Christ. He came to Singapore twice in the past few years. I hope that he would come again.

Which apologetics subjects that I recommended on?

Sorry that I couldn't remember. I'm not sure if the list found here helpful:

Martin Yee said...

Thanks. It should be this: God Is Great, God Is Good: Why Believing in God Is Reasonable and Responsible, edited by Chad Meister and William Lane Craig.

Where did you read his dialogue with "Jimmy Dunn"? In a book?

Sze Zeng said...

Two places where Hurtado engages Dunn. First, from his review of Dunn's book:

Second, from his recent post on their dialog at the BNTS conference:

If you are interested, I have previously mentioned some of the points made by Dunn here:

I have highlighted some distorted view raised for polemical reason to Hurtado. And here is his response: