Monday, August 22, 2011

Why prayer life is important for preachers?

Prayer is important in the life of a preacher because it is a summary, really, of the vocation of being a preacher. For a preacher, to pray is an immersion of the person’s life into the sea of conviction that the great impossible has happened.

The notion that the transcendent God, who is perfect and self-sufficient in every way, would take interest, not to mention the bloody trouble, to invite the preacher and the congregation to share in the divine life through Christ is simply an impossible thought. In our daily experience, we interact with others and invest in them only to seal some of our own lack, be it in the form of emotion, psyche, finance or physic. The sense of being absolutely self-sufficient is a state far removed from our grasp. We don’t relate with others without in some way the relation benefits us.

God being entirely satisfying by his nature doesn’t need to relate to us. Our experience, which is perennially surrounded by the effort to overcome our lacks, doesn’t give us the ability or the framework to understand the rationale that God would literally desire us to death. Either by experience or rational, the cross and the resurrection remain unimaginable. Unless of course that that is really the case.

Therefore prayer, more than fostering, is to serve as the ground that nourishes the preacher to be a preacher. It substantiates rather than supplements the calling of the preacher to proclaim the impossible.

Prayer, regardless of its audibility, stays as the amplification of the impossibility that heaven and earth have been reconnected. Hence a fervent prayer life of the preacher is like the resonance that vibrates so strong that the preacher’s presence itself testifies to how God’s kingdom has come upon our earthly city by Jesus’ death and resurrection.

In this way, rather than as an address to God, prayer is God’s address to us. It is via prayer that the preacher hears anew the story that he takes as the message to which his life proclaims for the rest of its allotted time. Cultivating a habitual prayer life can then be likened to amplifying the unimaginable message of God’s desire for us. The resounding reaches first to the preacher’s own being as a preacher, continuously nurturing him into a worthy messenger who is immersed in the factuality of divine love. From the preacher’s life, the resonance bounces off itself reaching unto the ear of the hearers. This is why prayer is important to a preacher’s life.

After writing the above to hand-in as an assignment, I think I've come to agree with what is written. Now enjoy this video:

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