Friday, July 15, 2011

Amused by 'Are you even a Christian at all?'

As I was clearing my moderation box of this blog, I came across a comment which I received in September 2010 which I didn't approved. After reading it again, I decided to publish it as a blog post in verbatim rather than approving it as a comment on the particular post, which is the review of Joseph Prince's book 'Destined to Reign'.

It is written by some 'Chris' that links to this empty blog with a Chris-ly title 'christjesusmylife':

Hi Sze Zeng,

Honestly this question first came to my mind when I read your comments. The question was: Are you even a Christian at all? I asked this question because i have many friends who actually are people who just basically go around finding fault with what other preachers preach. If you are a Christian, why would spend all this time and all this effort to write and give critics about other preachers. Jesus came to spread the message of his father's love to the world. You don't see him spend time and all his effort attacking the Pharisees. I have nothing else to say but I hope that you would think and reconsider what you are doing. Would you spend all the time and effort to spread the good news or just attack what others say. Sure some of them maybe wrong but would you want to waste time doing that rather then helping to save one more soul.


Martin Yee said...

Hi Sze Zeng,

I don't find this question quite as amusing as you. It is a question based on faulty premises, strawman argument and over simplification of the matter. I was recently asked by a Jehovah Witness who was at my doors why I am not going door to door (like them) preaching the good news of the kingdom if I believe in the true Gospel as I claim I did. This can go on and on...

Going by the logic of this person's argument, Paul wasted his time writing Romans, Corinthians etc which delineated his theology and rhetorics, and rebutting false teachers etc. He should spend time to preach to save souls instead. Luke wasted time researching and writing Luke and Acts (which must have taken quite a lot of time), instead he should go to the streets and marketplace to preach the Gospel. By the same token, Luther, Calvin and Karl Barth wasted a lot of time putting their thoughts in writing. Theologians and Biblical scholars wasted awful lot of time thinking and writing too?

Some people don't realise oral preaching and written words both have a place in Gospel proclamation.

Sze Zeng said...

HI Martin,

I agree with what you wrote. :-)