Thursday, February 17, 2011

Here & there

It has been two weeks since Chinese New Year holidays back home. One of our courses received a new lecturer as the previous one has to take a long medical leave. The new lecturer brought in new dynamics into the class.

We can see the huge contrast between the new and the previous lecturer. Probably it is not apt for me to write about the general experience of the class with the two lecturers. To be as politically correct as I can, I'll just say that both take on very different approaches to deal with the subject and the class.

If we are to write a theological reflection over the changes, it will be an ugly one. It's a distasteful piece of thought even though it is theologically valid, as a postgraduate student confirmed when I told him about it. Enough said.

On another note, last Sunday, a Theravada Buddhist friend of mine asked me what is the difference between theology and philosophy. If you are me, how would you answer?

As I was negotiating the traffic, I had to negotiate my thoughts to explain in layman terms what is theology and philosophy before I can explain what's the difference. And here's what I came up with:

Philosophy is our approach to make sense of our experience. So we develop some skills, such as deductive and inductive logic, to help us in that regard.

Theology, on the other hand, is our approach to make sense of our experience in relation to our origin and purpose. So theology has this additional regard to consider.

I hope I managed to clarify to my friend. How about you, do you think that is clear? How would you explain that?

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