Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Unexpected busyness

I am caught in an unexpected busy schedule this month. Internship + part-time work + 3 church camps + a new initiative + a website for a TTC faculty member.

Internship needs me to report everyday from Tuesday to Friday, sometimes Saturday and Monday. I need to complete this to get a credit for my course. It's compulsory. During my off-day which usually fall on Monday or Saturday, I will offer to help out doing part-time at a bookshop. Previously I told them that I can help out in the month of December because I was not expecting this month to be so full.

Yet stuffs seem to work out fine. My internship supervisors are kind to take my service at another church camp as part of the internship.

On top of that, I have been busy launching a new initiative together with a few classmates. It's a network to encourage continuous learning among those who are preparing or already working full-time at church. We organize meetings where individuals are assign to present on topics to be discussed and learned from. Seminars, debates, and conferences are what we do too. This is also a book club as well as a network, fellowship and learning group. The bottom line is simply two:

1) Unity among Christians: A visible initiative where Christians from different denominations come together to converse over challenges, opportunities, and personal knowledge/experience that are related to the Kingdom of God. Our first session on last Thursday noon was on Kingdom of God. There were three presentations (Kingdom of God and Church Leadership; A Pentecostal's Perspective on Kingdom of God; Twentieth Century Theological Discussion on Kingdom of God).

2) Ever-learning/growing: None of us know it all. So this network keeps those who participate informed of other knowledges/experiences that they are not aware of. We get inspiration for this initiative from Gospel Coalition,, and We realize that those who are in ministry often get too molded by daily routines and sometimes our creativity get confined. Hence, we want to encourage people to daringly come out with ideas. Therefore the subtitle of the initiative is this: Scripture + Tradition + Praxis + Ideas.

This was planned before the break started. I took time to execute the plan during break. While I designed and solidified the framework of the initiative, the website, and organized the first meeting, my classmates slogged to prepare their insightful and very helpful presentations to share with us. I'm eager to blog about their presentation (they were really good) on that website, but that would have to wait until after next week. I'm grateful to my classmates who are willing to share their findings. If you are interested to take a look, go here: Gospel@Areopagus

I have also came out with a website for one of the faculty member. The faculty has brought up the website to TTC's Principal to see if he wants to do that for all the faculty members. They are still discussing about it so probably it's good for me not to share it here now.

In the midst of busyness, I am conscious and aware of what God's telling me: A busy person does not mean he or she is important. And a person's value or importance does not depend on how busy the person is.


pearlie said... have been busy :)

Sze Zeng said...

Hi Pearlie,

Ya... unexpected..