Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Imagine teaching a course on how to use Facebook for a semester

Imagine the syllable of the course goes something like this:
A semester has about 14 weeks, with assigned reading materials of more than 1000 pages.

1 class in a week. Each session is 2 and a half hour. And at each session, individual students are assigned to present on the material they read on how to use Facebook.

First week:
Introducing the history and definition of 'Facebook' as differ from Friendster, MySpace, Bebo, Flickr, and other social software.

Second week:
The importance of caring for our own psychological and emotional well being in the face of possible provocation by our contacts' published status on Facebook.

Third week:
Continue to talk about the importance of caring our own well being in the world of online social networking like how a gardener care for his/her garden. Then introduce the GRAMMAR of using Facebook:
G - Get into receptive posture while logging onto Facebook.
R - Receive whatever the other person post on their Facebook status or on our wall.
A - Acknowledge the other person's feeling seen in their post.
M - Make boundaried space by privatizing stuffs/info/details on Facebook.
M - Match the other person's status, link, and wall post with appropriate comments.
A - Accept the other person as what he or she posted.
R - Respond to our contacts.

Fourth week:
Introduce different approach, psychological, sociological, philosophical and cultural consideration of using Facebook; some use it as games, others as business platform, etc. Introduce the definition of 'social networking'. Reiterate the importance of caring for our own well being while on Facebook.

Fifth week:
Introduce the rules and etiquette of using Facebook, for eg. cannot spam people's wall. If you are a Christian, must look for a Biblical legitimization that support the use of Facebook. Build a theological template to ground one's approach to Facebook, if you are a Christian.

Sixth week:
Learn how to be welcoming to people who added you on Facebook.

Seventh week:
Caring and consulting at many stage in life while using Facebook.

Eighth week:
Poast-Traumatic Stress Disorder caused by reading contacts' status, links, video, or notes on Facebook.

Ninth week:
The rhythm of using Facebook: Death and Resurrection, when one decided not to use Facebook and getting back to use it again.

Tenth week:
Ministering to those who give up using Facebook.

Eleventh week:
Handling depression, fatigue, and burnout cases on using Facebook. Teach how to avoid compassion fatigue when you have 1000 contacts on Facebook and you can't sympathize with every posted status.

Twelfth week:
Global healing in a broken social-network.

Thirteenth week:
Provide guiding principle how to facilitate changes done by the administrating programmer of Facebook, for eg. the change of security functions.

Fourteenth week:
Facilitate the wholeness of how to integrate Facebook in one's social life.
After going through the reading of all those pages with all the power-point presentation, the participants are now prepared and expected to perform well on Facebook.

Another way is simply go to Facebook.com, register as a user and start figuring your way through, which usually requires less than two weeks of practice to be familiar with the software.

Which one work for you?

(This post is fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.)


apeh said...

new course at TTC? hahaha

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No way! :D

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How do i sign up? :D