Thursday, September 23, 2010

How am I?

I have not post anything here since last week as I had a long debate with two friends on secularism over the internet, preparing a presentation for Mission and Globalization class and for a workshop this coming Saturday on Christians and pop culture for a group of undergraduates.

Add to that, I'm not feeling well and will be going to the clinic later.

Here is something interesting that I leave to you readers. It's a response to Stephen Hawking's ridiculous comment that there is no place for a creator in the cosmos written by John Hogan on Scientific American website:
"Hawking also played a central role in one of the highlights of my career. It dates back to the summer of 1990, when I attended a symposium in a remote Swedish resort on "The Birth and Early Evolution of Our Universe." The meeting was attended by 30 of the world's most prominent cosmologists, including Hawking.

Toward the end of the meeting, everyone piled into a bus and drove to a nearby village to hear a concert in a Lutheran church. When the scientists entered the church, it was already packed. The orchestra, a motley assortment of blond-haired youths and wizened, bald elders clutching violins, clarinets and other instruments, was seated at the front of the church. Their neighbors jammed the balconies and seats at the rear of the building.

The scientists filed down the center aisle to pews reserved for them at the front of the church. Hawking led the way in his motorized wheelchair. The townspeople started to clap, tentatively at first, then passionately. These religious folk seemed to be encouraging the scientists, and especially Hawking, in their quest to solve the riddle of existence.

Now, Hawking is telling us that unconfirmable M-theory plus the anthropic tautology represents the end of that quest. If we believe him, the joke's on us."


scruffy said...

get well soon, bro! - from one sick boy to another :(

Sze Zeng said...

Hi scruffy,

No wonder you were not around this morning. Benjamin took your place as the second rabbi in the role play. Get well soon too!