Friday, September 10, 2010

Engaging on REACH website

A friend asked for permission to re-post several of my engagement with secularism in Singapore on REACH website. REACH is Singapore government's e-platform to get feedback from citizens.

I revised a bit of my posts with more clarity before sending her the new version.

The last time I checked the website, there are 10 readers clicked 'Like'. One of them commented that the post is "a blast of fresh air in debunking the "Liberal" crowd and shooting down their calculated disinformation."

For those who are interested to read, you may go here.


Steven Sim said...

careful, you will be made to become the Singapore poster boy for 'conservatism'. LoL

Steven Sim

Sze Zeng said...

Hopefully those who agree with what I wrote also read my other stuffs, like the concluding sentence in my post on John Locke "This would be a proper, not to mention wiser and tolerant, approach than to simply shout, "Bar the secularist!" or "Bar the fundamentalists!" If only both militant secularists and militant anti-secularists know the real world and its history. That will save them from embarrassing themselves in the public space."