Friday, August 06, 2010

Inspiration during last Wednesday class on world religions

Studying the major religions prevalent in our world is like being in the multi-dimensional transparent box where one finds oneself in the midst of various connected dots and structures. Studying two major religions is like seeing two multi-dimensional transparent boxes placed next to each other. And the interaction of people from different religion is like these boxes interacting with each other.

Religion to a person is not merely a set of beliefs that we can specify in detail and in isolation from other presumptions that the person is caught into. Religion is usually thought to be a part of a person. When a person pray, she is thought to be doing religion.

I think a person is a part of religion. When a person pray, religion is doing her; changing the person to be who the religion wants her to be.

Think about this. When you pray, do you do it because you want to?

Or could it be that you find yourself in a situation, condition, and position that you can respond in no other way than to kneel, be grateful and appeal?

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