Sunday, August 29, 2010

E. Philip Davis on Christians' role in contemporary market

Eric Philip Davis is a senior research fellow at the National Institute for Economic and Social Research and also a pastor of Penge Baptist Church in London. Christian Today highlighted some of the points in Davis' recent article:
"Governments led the population into believing that economic growth was sustainable and gave the impression that risk had been abolished. And households were by no means obliged to take on so much debt, which for many led to catastrophe.

The church has a clear responsibility to offer a culture that offers an alternative to mere consumption.

We must show our neighbours that the desire for more should be tempered by long-term individual interests, wider social needs, environmental concerns and a focus on saving rather than borrowing.

Banks and governments are often hailed as holding the answers to all our problems. But a biblical analysis of the current situation implies that all of us have a responsibility.

We must recognise the idolatry in our economic system and condemn the structural injustices it generates.

The aims of economics – wealth, consumption, power – stand in stark contrast to Jesus’ proclamation of the kingdom of God: the law of love for God and neighbour and responsible stewardship.

The church should proclaim this vigorously."

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