Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Aggression and abruptness in daily experience

What do you sense listening to DJ Sonya's Chocolate? I sensed rapturous subtle aggression in the song. The ending is abrupt.

Many incidents in life, and life itself, is no less that abrupt. As abrupt as a friend who recently passed away. As abrupt as receiving an email inviting me to speak at a national conference's workshop to which Calvin Chong, the dean at Singapore Bible College, will also be speaking, and whom I just had an abrupt chat two days before the invitation came. And it came not through Calvin's contact but someone else. Did I mentioned that Calvin abruptly brought up this conference in the chat?

Hard to imagine the absence of subtle aggression underlying this strange series of abruptness. In Reformed Theology, to which I--a Presbyterian--am particularly identifying with, this is the movement underneath all instances in our experiences and that which moves us to a certain direction. A movement none of us are responsible for yet making daily decision on top of it.

Aggression and abruptness as themes of God's sovereignty and humans' location within that sovereignty. What is happening around us individual's aggression; our daily decision to act or not to act in a given situation. Yet Chocolate, like all other songs, has to end at one point or another.


Steven Sim said...

congrats get to speak at a national conference! carpe diem!

All the best. One day you'll be a sought after theologian in this region!

Steven Sim

Sze Zeng said... may know by now that I still tremble when I speak!