Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Why keep blogging

"How do you keep yourself blogging and reflecting?" a collegemate asked during lunch. He continued, "It is not easy to just reflect and write about it on a public space. I'm sure you spent a lot of time doing it. So how do you do it?"

While spooning myself, I looked up and start thinking. I remembered that I have thought about this before. So what I needed to do was to retrieve the thoughts that have went by.

It took my mind a while to locate that memory. "Yes, I spent a lot of time reflecting and blogging. The recent one is a post on a local church which took me two days to write. There are other posts which took more. Anyway, back to your question, how do I do it? Here's how: I see maintaining a blog as a calling and a ministry."

The answer to the 'how' question is the answer of the 'why' question. It is defeating to want to maintain a blog without having the reason why will one want to do it.

Besides for interacting with others and getting to know new friends, a blog is the space where thoughts are forged and imaginations are fired.

Usually, I think while blogging. That means most of the posts here are thoughts which are generated when my eyes are staring into the computer screen, with my fingers tapping on the keyboard. And that's exactly what is happening now as I'm typing this post.

Our mind wanders most of the time when we are conscious. A lot of times, great ideas or deep insights passed by our mind without us taking note. And taking note is not taking notice. We usually noticed during eureka moment, but how often do we set it down on writing for further exploration and development?

Blogging is the best activity facilitating such meditative reflection. Blogging is not only for archiving but also is part of the process of formulating thoughts. One can well be theologizing through blogging.

Some think well through a cup of coffee. Some through vajra posture. Some, like me, through blogging.

Haldane recently posted some thoughts on Blogging as theological discourse which I find suggestive given my previous interaction with friends over this blogosphere's theology. James Smith has also blogged on his take on this phenomenon.


Terence said...

hmmm... spooning yourself...

anyway, i agree that blogging is a great way to think. it works for me!

Sze Zeng said...


Spooning as in 'feeding' :-)

blogpastor said...

I love what you said here! Why keep blogging? "Because when I blog, I feel the pleasure of God," to borrow a phrase from the memorable "Chariots of Fire".

Sze Zeng said...

Hi blogpastor,

Totally agree with the phrase you share :-)