Thursday, July 29, 2010

What's up with 'What's up'?

Attending Andrew Peh's course on doing mission in a globalized world has led me to start a column title 'What's up?' on this blog to highlight events that I deem theologically and missionally relevant.

I know the title 'What's up?' is too casual. Yet that's what I can do: to give casual insight and reflection over issues. I am not a brilliant political scientist or sociologist or economist. I'm just a student who are keen to engage and reflect over what is happening around us.

'What's up?' might be palatable and not to you. Whichever the case, my hope is that people who read them are invited to think and live for themselves to the fullness :-)

Here is the first entry: What's up with India, Myanmar, MM Lee, and Vatican City?

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