Monday, July 05, 2010

Non-Muslims are tricked/forced to convert to Islam in Malaysia

The Nut Graph published 2 accounts of conversion carried out in despicable and deceptive manner. Despite these living testimonies, the staffs of the organization involved brushed aside these reports as mere "talk" implying there is no evident for them.

One of these victims of forced conversion named Angeh whose Muslim name is Mohd Zaki Abdullah.
According to Angeh, [two officers] visited him at his uncle’s house where he was staying about eight years ago. He said he thought they were trying to help him apply for his identity card, which he had lost.

Angeh, now 26, said he was given something to recite, which he thought was part of his IC application. “I asked them, ‘Apa benda ni?’ [What is this?] They said, ‘Syahadah ja, cakap ja.’” [It's the Syahadah, just say it]

Angeh said he did not know at the time that reciting the syahadah meant he was converting to Islam. He only found out after his uncle told him he was now a convert.

“I never asked to convert. I had no intention, none,” Angeh said.
Another testimony is by someone who needs to remain anonymous to prevent his job from being jeopardized:
He said he was then brought to the menteri besar’s Shah Alam residence where food was served. “At about 8pm, during prayer time, they brought us to the big surau in Shah Alam. There were lots of others there, some from Sabah and Sarawak. They told us to recite [the syahadah].”

The staff member said he was shocked. “I told them, ‘I don’t want to convert to Islam, my family doesn’t know about this. If you had told me earlier, I would not have come.’ Saidon told me, ‘You’ve already come here; we’ll teach your family to follow you. Just recite.’”

The staff member, who is now in his 30s, said he was in a difficult situation. He said due to the pressure of the situation, he recited the syahadah. But he had to do so four times because he found it difficult to say the words. He claimed he was then given some food and RM250.

He added, “I reached home about midnight after the event and told my family what had happened. My wife was furious. She told me, ‘You said you were going for kenduri. How did you end up converting to Islam?’
This is happening in Malaysia. Certain Muslims, who are politically enabled, think that it is alright to deceive people into Islam. I am not sure if Islam teaches this but if they claim that this is Islamic teaching, then I find the religion as practiced by these Muslims very troubling.

The Muslims in Malaysia demand others to respect their conviction, but do they respect others? How would the Muslim community feels if their members are being deceived and tricked to convert into other religion?

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