Tuesday, June 01, 2010

What is happening to City Harvest Church?

News portals around the cyberspace are reporting the recent case involving City Harvest Church members and her celebrated founder Kong Hee. Here's MSN News:
The founder of megachurch City Harvest Church and 16 other individuals and staff involved in the handling of the church's financial affairs are being investigated by the Commercial Affairs Department (CAD).
Here's Strait Times:
The 17 people who are assisting police with investigations include the megachurch's founder, Senior Pastor Kong Hee, who was picked up early yesterday morning.

Police also took away financial records and computers from the homes and offices of the people involved. They did not say what offences they were investigating.
What happened? Could this be a misunderstanding? Could the CAD mistaken? Just a few days ago, Kong Hee was telling 30,000 participants of the Asia Conference & Church Growth International seminar that Christians have to engage culture without compromising spiritual matters. We shall anticipate the result of the investigation. Meanwhile, check out two interesting blogs featuring this news. Terence Lee shares his thoughts as a member of the church. Kenneth is taken a back by some CHC's members' over-confidence in their god founding pastor.

(By the way, there was a beauty pageant slotted right on the third day, right in the middle of the 5-days seminar's schedule. Probably organizing this sort of pathetic pageant is perceived by CHC as one of the ways to engage culture. Two years ago, I have asked some questions over such practice. I remain suspicious of the aesthetic values CHC is promoting as a church.)

(Photo was taken from the conference's website)


Israel Lee said...

Would you believe that I was preaching about the excesses of such brand of charismatics just two days ago, but I was advised to refrain from mentioning names like CHC?

Nevertheless, I do pray that the members will come back stronger and wiser, rebuilding CHC on the foundation of the Lord, shaking off the non-biblical elements.

Sze Zeng said...

Hi Israel,

So did you refrain from mentioning? Or did you proclaim what is the truth in all its entirety?

Israel Lee said...

I chose another example in North America, Todd Bentley to be precise because the group that he is 'aligned' to, Global Harvest (Peter Wagner) has impact on me personally and on the church that I grew up with after my conversion. Showed a clip from ABC which was done just before his downfall. Alas, he has not repented after he so-called 'restoration'. North Americans and their culture of rehabs.

LOKE said...

For CAD to be involved, this is serious and if memory serves me right, CAD had no misses so far (at least for in the 5 years)

As to who or how many are involved or implicated remains to be seen.

Christianity in the news again for the wrong reasons... sign

d said...

as long as it's not Kong Hee who is involved, things will be ok. But if Kong Hee goes, CHC is finished. He is CHC, CHC is him.

reasonable said...

Check out this story from someone who may be a whistle blower…