Sunday, April 11, 2010

Interfaith dialog

Updated 12 Apr 2010: Initially I have posted that it was an initiative with MUIS, but upon correction, it was with the Reading Group with a few participants who are from MUIS. So it is not an official MUIS initiative.

I just got back from an interfaith initiative with the Reading Group. Met some learned Muslims. One is taking Ph.D at Warwick University, another one who read Karl Barth, Paul Tillich, and Karl Rahner.

To think about it, interfaith relation is EXTREMELY important in our current world. It is not about the flourishing of the society anymore, as how we used to think. Flourishing is secondary. At present, such initiative is for the survival of it. Tension caused by hidden but real fear from different religious communities is crippling like the threat of a time-bomb that will ignite unless serious measures are taken NOW. We have observed terrorism carried out by the Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, and etc. This fact alone should cause governments around to pay attention to this issue. The Singapore government saw this and since then has been continuously working on it. They have come to realize that segregating differing religious communities is not an option in the society. The only way is to build a real relationship among the various faithfuls.

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clement said...

I never thought that I would say this, but perhaps in this, the West ought to take a leaf from the PAP (gasp!): the New Atheists and their cronies seem to want to keep religions apart and their own "non-religion" (a contradiction in terms) independent of scrutiny.

They are so interested in segregating the religious from the non-religious that some (Dumb Dawkins and Hot-Headed Hitchens) are actually trying to sue the Pope for Crimes Against Humanity! (Oh yes, and apparently Benedict XVI should be held responsible for the Spanish Inquisition.) Of all the nerve!