Friday, April 30, 2010

Buddhists torturing Christians?

Christian Post reported this news:
"Buddhist members of an armed rebel group and their sympathizers are holding three tribal Christians captive in a pagoda in southeastern Bangladesh after severely beating them in an attempt to force them to return to Buddhism...

After taking the Christians captive on April 16, the sources said, the next day the armed Buddhist extremists forced other Christians of Maddha Lemuchari Baptist Church to demolish their church building by their own hands. The extremists first seized all blankets, Bibles and song books from the church building...

...Pastor Talukder was bludgeoned nearly to death...

They gave vent to their anger on Christians in a violent outburst by beating the pastor and two others after failing several attempts in the past to stop their evangelical activities... They took them into a pagoda to convert them forcibly to Buddhism.
Buddhism is known as a religion that emphasizes on calmness, nothingness, meditation, compassion, inclusiveness, karma, etc. So I don't know how do Buddhists draw out such teachings from the religion and think that they are consistent with it.


yourshoeah said...

Its just like trying to reconcile Bush sending troops to rid Iraq of 'tyranny' because 'God told me to'.

reasonable said...

A Zen Buddhist may be able to reconcile it:

form is emptiness, emptiness is form

samsara is nirvana, nirvana is samsara

suffering is illusional

there is suffering, but there is no sufferor (from the doctrine of emptiness)

there is clapping, but there is no one doing the clapping.

Some Japanese Buddhist teachers during the second world war could work out an intellectual system base on their understanding of Buddhism to justify their war against others.

Of course other Buddhist teachers would see such attempt as not representing true Buddhism.