Monday, March 22, 2010

The four lecturers on theology @ Trinity Theological College's English department

From left to right:
Simon Chan, Ph.D from Cambridge University. He is the Earnest Lau Professor of Systematic Theology. Expert in Pentecostal theology, pneumatology, spiritual theology, liturgical theology and systematic theology in general.

Leow Theng Huat, Ph.D from St. Andrews University. He is a lecturer in theology. Expert in theodicy, and the theology of P. T. Forsyth.

Mark Chan, Ph.D from Nottingham University. He is a lecturer in theology. Expert in hermeneutics, christology, theology of the atonement, worldview and cultural analysis, and philosophy of religion.

Roland Chia, Ph.D from University of London. He is the Chew Hock Hin Professor of Christian Doctrine. Expert in the theology of Karl Barth and Hans Urs von Balthasar, bio-medical ethics, relation between science and theology, and systematic theology in general.
I am currently studying pneumatology in Charismatic movement from Simon Chan, and general introduction to theology from Roland Chia. Next semester I will be studying hermeneutic from Mark Chan and possibly also philosophy of religion from him.

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