Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Singapore Daily misread and mislead

Sze Zeng: What does ‘Rony’ show us? [GCF defends Rony Tan] [Thanks YKWYA]

My post on Rony's case has been linked at The Singapore Daily. When I saw that, I was really curious whether did the Daily read my post or got what I mean.

I’m not representing GCF and neither my post is the official statement on behalf of GCF. And besides, I am NOT defending Rony at all. Goodness, I wonder anyone from the Singapore Daily learned hermeneutic? Perhaps they can benefit from hermeneutic classes at theological colleges, if not university's philosophy or literary studies department.

If The Singapore Daily really so desperate to politicize my view, they can do it the right way. At least takes the effort to understand what the post is about. Bad press for the press. Irony.

However I commented on their website, "If The Singapore Daily’s mission and vision is to mislead their readers due to their incompetency, then you may stick it there and don’t have to change a thing."

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