Friday, January 01, 2010

Legally, semantically, and historically 'Allah' is not exclusively belong to Islam

The high court in Malaysia has announced that it is legal for Christians to use the word 'Allah' in their religion.
"Article 3 of the Federal Constitution states that Islam is the official religion of the country but taken together with Articles 11 and 12, protects the rights of the minorities to be free to practice and be educated in their respective religions."
Semantically, as Ng Kam Weng has pointed out, 'Allah' is not a personal name of the deity of the Islamic faith.

Historically, (thanks to Kam Weng again) there are evidents that 'Allah' was used even before Islam came into history.

UMNO-BN's members such as Datuk Tajuddin Abdul Rahman said that the high court ruling "would not solve anything but only ignite racial and religious tension." But those who are affected are legally, semantically, and historically ignorant people. Simply put, only stupid people will be affected by the court's decision. And only stupider people would justify that the court has made a mistake based on this tension which has its origin in stupidity. The court has to act intelligently based on the constitution and not bow its knees to stupidity, Datuk Tajuddin. If someone feels threatened by stupidity, please feel free. It's just unfortunate that someone in the legally and historically appointed government feels this way.

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