Thursday, December 17, 2009

You prefer Genesis or this Egyptian creation story?

Christians who are familiar with the creation story in the book of Genesis will find the story of an Egyptian god Atum as very foreign, if not outright disgusting:

When I first began to create
When I alone was planning and designing many creatures,
I had not sneezed Shu the wind,
I had not spat Tefnut the rain,
There was not a single living creature.
I planned many living creatures;
All were in my heart, and their children and their grandchildren.

Then I copulated with my own fist.
I masturbated with my own hand.
I ejaculated into my own mouth.

I sneezed to create Shu the wind,
I spat to create Tefnut the rain.
Old Man Nun reared them;
(Hymn to Atum. H/T: Scotteriology)

Now, I wonder if there were enactment of religious ritual performed by the ancient Egyptians that depicts this creation story. It is common for religious people to enact ritual that describe their belief. The Lord's Supper or Holy Communion is an example.

So you prefer and able to appreciate the Genesis story better now?

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