Friday, December 11, 2009

What was I doing 13 years ago?

A novice monk at Kek Lok Si temple, Penang in 1996. That is my sister on the left. Recently my alma mater went through a grand transformation. They have just consecrated a new gigantic statue of Kuan Yin with its pavilion.

(Now I'm wondering whether will the dean or acting dean of Trinity Theological College kick me out from the college if they saw this photo!)


reasonable said...

cool !!!

Israel Lee said...

my origins is somewhat similar. only that it was in a taoist temple and as one of the two chosen young virgin male. God's grace is great. ;-)

Michelle said...

I think it a miracle for you to be saved ! Transformation ! I believe God's work is not yet finished in your life, He is still at work and transformation is still taking place to be more like Jesus ! :)

M SIBAT said...

... it would be "unChristian" to simply kick you out.

the most you get (if ever you get it) is to go through some kind or exorcising routine, or binding of generational curse (this is so famous nowadays), or simply brainwash you just to double-check if you're saved or not. then, they will be watching you more closely than ever.

:P hehe, i say this in jest (no valid reason to kick you because of the old picture)... but your robe looks to big for you then. freesize ka?

Sze Zeng said...

@reasonable, thank you!

@Israel, so you were a sacred virgin of a chinese god! Wow!

@Michelle, I think so too. Thank you!

@M Sibat, hahahaha...luckily the college doesn't practice Inquisition. Yes, it's a huge robe.. But not sure if that's free-size or not. :)

Kar Yong said...

This is cool, I must say. Well, if TTC did kick you out, you are welcome to join Seminari Terbaik Malaysia. I also think Malaysia Best Seminary would like to have you too :-)

But I thank God for what He is doing in your life and where you are now.

Just hope 13 years later, i won't see you as an Imam in a mosque - hahahaha.

reasonable said...

"Just hope 13 years later, i won't see you [Sze Zeng] as an Imam in a mosque - hahahaha."

Well, S Z will need to sacrifice some skin if he were to be an Imam. [Dun think he is a fan of circumcision.]

My prediction: if S Z were ever to get out of Christianity in 13 years' time, he would be either a more enlightened Buddhist or a moderate agnostic/atheist.

William said...

Interesting photo. Wouldn't have associated you to Buddhism. Thought u were more an Atheist because of your inquisitive mind and socio-political stand. Will very much like to hear your personal testimony when we next see each other. =)

Sze Zeng said...

@Kar Yong, that's a comfort that two best schools in M'sia are so welcoming! :)

The only reason I be an Imam is the prospect of getting 4 wives and a 6 digits paycheck :D

@reasonable, if I got out, I have no idea what will I be. May be a Hindu..hahaha Anything goes.

@William, Buddhism talks about pursuing enlightenment. So I guess that's where my inquisitive nature comes in. Where as for socio-political concern, it's from Christianity. I don't really care about socio-polity previously even after I converted. Only recently after I discover the socio-political dimension of the gospel. :)