Saturday, December 12, 2009

Some of the sketches I did more than a decade ago

(A sketch based on Masakazu Katsura's character Shadow Lady. Katsura is one of the most inspiring penciler to me. His artworks are often gothic.)

(Gigi Leung in 1997-1998)

(Takako Uehara in 1997-1998)

It has been more than a decade I last picked up a pencil to sketch. In those days, I spent hours, and sometimes days, to finish a sketch. I have also sketched nude and sexual images (very explicit ones) but threw them all away. Those sketches done by a 16-17 years-old schoolboy in Bukit Mertajam are not "art". They are considered "obscene". It was and still is a taboo.

While people at other parts of the world pay entrance fees into art galleries to see those drawings and paintings. So what is "obscene"? To think back, I should not throw them away. (Suddenly I feel like doing a new nude sketch.)

Now, I spend most of my free time reading rather than doing anything else. Last time I didn't like reading and hence the only thing that kept me occupied was sketching and painting (I threw away all my paintings because I more inclined to sketch!!!). I wonder if I can still sketch like I used to be. How I wish I still can.

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Robin Teo said...

Hi Josh, your drawings are not bad for its time. Drawings and paintings need time to cultivate and some kind of momentum to keep it going. I used to draw and paint quite abit too until I graduated from university. Since then my artistic/design work are more involved with the digital tools rather than the analog (pencil, brush). Regarding painting nudes, there are proper reasons for drawing those. In my experience, the human body just like any creations are worth the effort of study and pleasure in drawing and painting. However, having said that, there are various categories of nude paintings or illustrations, that are blatantly pornographic or soft porn. There was a popular calender artist in the 60s who specialised in painting this sort of playboy illustrations. Yet another example is another popular japanese illustrator who specialised in painting ero-robot paintings, making his women posing in erotic postures with metalic gears on, or parts of her body made like androids. And then you have Frank Frazetta and Boris Volejo (spell?) who specialised in the theme of fantasy nudes. Some are great works, but some are just plain enticing and erotic in themes. Nude drawings and paintings subjects are somewhat complicated in that what is glorious and beautiful can cross the line of lust. The thing is not so much with the figure of women itself, but with the lust of men's heart. I guess I can't assume that one of Ruben's voluptuous women might excite some men in the wrong way.

The other interesting factor is that about half of the well known nude artists either have affairs with their models or are their mistresses. This doesn't in itself discredit the proper study and paintings of nudes. It just goes to show the sinfulness of men.