Sunday, December 20, 2009

Malaysia is going to be different very soon

Yesterday marks an important day not only for the Pakatan Rakyat but for the entire nation. The official presentation of the coalition's manifesto is not only meant only for members of the political parties but for every Malaysians.

Previously the coalition was charged as not being united in their policy and vision for the country, now this charge no longer applicable.

In Anwar's words, "Today our direction is clear, I urge my friends to study the document thoroughly, I was in Umno and BN before, let me tell you that BN cannot come out with something like this."

The policies can be read at Kit Siang's website. Overall the policies tackle virtually all the concerns of the local people. Significant and constructive proposals from policing, economy, education, religion, media to culture have been tabled. Accountability and transparency are warranted. UMNO can "gulung tikar" (Malay's idiom: Roll their carpet to signifies defeat or resignation).

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