Sunday, December 27, 2009

Introverts extroverting?

On Christmas eve, I blogged about the awareness of myself changing to be more introverted. Then on Christmas day, Kar Yong posted about his journey to become an introvert. Now after Christmas, Michael Bird confessed that he is an introvert despite his bubbly and sanguine personality as seen through some video clips and heard through some mp3s.

What's happening? Introvert epidemic?

Bird distinguished interestingly the "capacity for self-projection" with "personality". Myself, Kar Yong, and Bird have no problem elaborating entertainingly to people about stuffs that interest us but we also need plenty of personal space and time to be alone.


Kar Yong said...

Or perhaps its extroverts introverting?

I think you are right in what you say - We need much space to prepare for sermons and teaching materials. And this is where I think the "introvert" inside an extrovert manifests itself :-)

Confusing.... :-)

Steven Sim said...

Dude, you just need a break...frm the hectic travelling and xmas activities.

Steven Sim

blogpastor said...

You are probably an extrovert forced by circumstances (theological studies,fatigue,winding down as the year ends) into temporary introversion. Wait till you are let loose on the church....haha.... back to your preferred extraversion.