Tuesday, December 08, 2009

3 difficult questions

I attended a friend's wedding recently and met many old friends. All of them are doing well in their career. One is currently a regional manager and planning to start his own business soon. Another one is a manager in a bank. Still another one is expanding the business inherited from his father into other continent. When each of them asked me what am I doing now, I told them that I'm studying. Then very naturally, they will ask successive question which each followed from the other:

1) What are you studying?
2) What is 'theology'?
3) What are you going to do after that?

My usual replies are:
1) Theology.
2) I have a few versions on this one:
- Basically it is a combination of philosophy and history. (Then people will ask, "What is 'philosophy'?)
- The term 'Theology' is a combination of 'theos' (god) and 'logos' (study/science). So it is a study of 'god'.
- 'Shen Xue' ('theology' in Mandarin language).
3) I don't know. Usually people who study this will end up as pastors or preachers in churches. (But I don't think churches would want to hire someone like myself who has some slanted perception over certain important beliefs held by most, if not all, churches.)

The third question is the hardest as I really have no idea what to do after that. When someone representing a church who approaches me to explore an employment, I will ask about their comfort level with my stands. And this is a REAL turn off to most.


reasonable said...

If I am in-charge of hiring in my church I will hire u :)

Sze Zeng said...

Thank you for the encouragement :)

SHWong said...

I had thought that you wanted to continue in the academic field. If you want to serve as a pastor, please let me know.

Can I call dibs now?

Sze Zeng said...

Hi SHWong,

Yes, I am still aspire to continue my studies till post-grad. But I am not really sure about that yet. If I do post-grad, I also don know where should I do it.

My aspiration is always to go back to Penang to serve the people there. I am not patriotic. The reason for this aspiration is because I see my citizenship and the location as a gift. And I have to exercise this gift. It's the people that I'm concern for, not the 'country'.

Thank you for your encouragement and help! :)

Kar Yong said...

I can SO identify with you. Occasionally, I would still drop by my real estate/valuers gathering, and I would be asked almost similar questions.
1) What are you doing?
2) What is theology?
3) what is a seminary?
4) You earn a lot? Must be - cos you give up your valuation/real estate practice