Sunday, November 01, 2009

When church and non-Christian misunderstand each other

Last week, a non-Christian friend commented this on her Facebook (verbatim):

For all you City Fucking Harvesters out there... I got nothing against the rest of you guys. I have to admit, it's a nice tune but I'd still burn down your sodding church if I had a chance. Oh yah, and get someone to gang rape Ho Yeow Sun... Goddamn MOFOs... *flips middle finger*

I asked her why. And she replied (verbatim):

I went to one of their mass a while back and they put up a skit and made fun of a monk! How wrong is that! God does not teach you to make fun of other religions... oh yah and they 'force' ppl to give donations so that Ho Yeow Sun can prance about clad in Gucci!

Everything is about money there. 20% of income goes to the church as pledge and ties, some Powerhouse thingy (not the club) where they pass the bucket, cell group meeting where they pass the envelope and not forgetting Sunday mass where they pass the bucket again... where do you think they got all that money to build that 2 million dollar frou frou place in Jurong they call a place of worship?

They have this thingy at the end of every mass where they ask people who wanna recieve God. My friend was nudged out and before he knew it, someone put an arm on his shoulder and he was led to the front. How can force people liddat???

I think there are a lot of mutual misunderstanding here. On one hand, my friend might not understand what CHC people were doing. And on the other hand, the church might not have clarify what they were doing to those who do not belong to the church. There are learning opportunity from and for both sides.


Robin Teo said...

well, sounds like your friend might not be misunderstand everything totally. A lady pastor with very expensive branded item preaching in front (I assumed, from the description), tithing collection during bible study gathering other than regular sunday collection? (unless its for some deacon fund or something) And, friend being ushered out for altar cal when he didn't intend to go out in the first place? :) Something is not right with this picture.

Sze Zeng said...

Hi Robin,

You might have made a valid point there.


I think Ho Yeow Sun's branded attire is from her earning as a singer of through her husband's business. So probably not from the church's offering. A point which people might easily misunderstood, I think.