Thursday, November 05, 2009

Theological perspective on Malaysia's 2010 Budget

It's up at Micah Mandate website:

The government’s national budget is always a sort of self-revelation: the unveiling of the government’s vision for the people and a diagnosis of the current socio-economic state of the country. It is not merely an economic blueprint or worse, a political showcase. On a more succinct level, the national budget deals with the livelihood of the people, the men and women on the street. Therefore, it cannot be a neutral or amoral document.

How the federal funds are spent (on whom, in what, and with whom) hinges only on one aspect of the budget while the rest has to do with the acquirement of these funds (from who and from where). These purviews are necessarily grounded on the underlying moral decision already assumed in the budget. Therefore the Malaysia 2010 Budget has much more to tell us about the moral vision the current government has for the society than just their proposed spending and earning in the next few years.

Read the rest here. If you need the footnotes, let me know. We didn't plagiarize :)

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