Thursday, November 05, 2009

I bet you been through this also

There was this incident when I was involved with a company (not ORTV) to organize an event in the past. During the meeting, we were discussing the list of speakers to be invited. After consolidating, we figured that we still lack of one speaker for a particular area.

So I suggested Z. I told the committee about Z and why I think he is suitable. After listening, the committee decided not to invite him as he is rather dubious to them. Fine. So we moved on.

During one of our subsequent meetings, I found out that the committee had invited Z. But their decision was not due to my earlier suggestion but rather due to someone named P.

P is like a behind-the-curtain-consultant to some of the committee members. P has a Ph.D and she is much older than me, and so carries the impression of being more reliable and trustworthy. So when I say Z and when P say Z, although both refer to the same Z and with the same reason for the suggestion, P's suggestion has more weight.

Probably it is not because P has a Ph.D and decades more older. Just that I am not a good convincer, failed to convince the committee to invite Z. Yet, it worths asking, do we need to have a Ph.D and be older to be more reliable?

If so, then the fact that you are young and without a Ph.D or even a Bachelor Degree (like me) should stop giving suggestion on anything or to anyone. Whenever people ask for suggestion, refer them to those who has Ph.D(s) or at least a Bachelor Degree because they are more reliable.

But then again, given that you don't have academic qualification, your reference is not reliable. Well, so just live your life according to your qualification. No degree and not old enough, don't say anything. Just say, "I don't know." That's what you can say and everyone will be happy because that will reassert and reassure them that everything in the society is in proper order: No degrees = not reliable, Master Degree = more reliable, Ph.D = Most reliable.


M SIBAT said...

Cheer up bro. :) It sucks, but ... oh well. Maybe next time you can "tunjuk lagak". That is after you get your degree, then master and then PhD. People would wait upon what comes out from your lips as if it is the wisdom of Master Yoda. Hehe.

NikoS said...

Well Josh, it seems that our society is still in the feudalism hangover. And combined with the modern rational monarchy, thus the education degree does still speaks strongly. But I think, we should strive to reflect the truth of God. Like in the bible, "Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity."


SHWong said...

Persuasion is logos, ethos and pathos. PhDs and age contribute to ethos. If they are looking for a recommendation for the best ipod, then you will be favored over the older person because your ethos is stronger there.

Tremonti said...

This made me laugh but ironically all too real as well. There are countless of examples of this, some personal as well as from others. Qualifications sure does carry the needed weight for persuasion compared to one that has none of that.

Arthur KohsL said...

Josh, you have pointed out P's academic credential, her seniority, and the depth of her connection with the comm. All these play a part in the comm's final decision. As you continue establishing your network and credential, you will no doubt carry the same weight, or perhaps even more, one day.

Wilson Tan said...

Are you not gonna tell us what Z is? curiosity is killing me! haha!!