Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Here and there

I spent the last whole week co-authoring with Steven Sim a theological response towards Malaysia's 2010 Budget. It was an enriching experience as I had the opportunity to theologically think through social and financial matters.

I found out that it is easier to just engage the national budget through secular critique as it is more spontaneous. Attempting to connect Christian theology with these issues requires more brain work. I have been in theological college for the past 5 months and never for once I took a walk at the garden to get some fresh air and to re-think over theological matters. And yesterday, I get to do that. I was trying to connect a certain strand of theology to monetary value. How to ground our perception of the reality of the value of money and the moral facet of its characteristic. It was good to have Steven to dialog with on these matters as we don't want the theological response to seem forced and hence read like a superficial appendix.

We manged to finalize our draft (about 4500 words) this afternoon and emailed to a few places to see if anyone interested to publish or upload it.

On a different note, during last night's dinner, it was rather encouraging to discover that someone has expressed interest to get me on board his organization after I graduated (which is about 2 and a half year from now).


Sunshine said...

May I have a copy ?


Sivin Kit said...

it;s on the Micah Mandate!

Sze Zeng said...


Thank you for taking interest :)