Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sanctification v.s Deification

In church history class, we learn that the western Roman church says that human development is a process of 'sanctification,' while the eastern Constantinople church says it's 'deification.' Both viewed the other as different from their own. And when a Penangite like me read this, I say it's 'LPPL' (lam pah pah lan).


Sze Zeng said...

'Lam pah pah lan' literally means testicles hitting the penis in Penang Hokkien idiom.

It doesn't matter whether the testicles hit the penis or the penis hit the testicles. Both resonate the same sound.

Dan said...

LOL. it's interesting to read stuff from a theological student with such down to earth language.

deification is a theology to exalt man from the back door. whereas sanctification is just a pompous word for behavioral alteration.

both are imperialistic dogmas dressed to look like mother teresa