Friday, October 09, 2009

The mechanics of kingdom of God and its translatability to our community

"In the kingdom of God, human forms of relationality come to mirror the relatedness that characterizes the Trinity. Practically speaking, this means the end of self-asserting moral autonomy, whether of individuals towards each other, or of communities toward each other, or of humankind toward the natural environment, or of humankind toward God. In every case, human life is lived out in the conscious knowledge that each of us depends upon others and that our identity is constituted by our relations with other individuals and communities and with the natural environment and, ultimately, with God."
(Samuel M. Powell, Participating in God: Creation and Trinity, p.158)

A society and market driven by consumerism ignores this to their own peril. Unless the global community recognizes and participates in the sacramental living-hood exemplified within the Trinity, lives and natures are on perennial death threats.

The kingdom of God is here. There is a divine way to relate to other people, the natural world, and to God. Change your old way and incorporate this message. (Mark 1.15).

Hence incorporating the message in disciple-making is nothing less than the incorporation of various individuals into the relationality of the Trinity. It must goes beyond evangelism ("come and see") and catechism. It is about the Eucharist, "Let us partake, let us participate".


Michelle said...

Be Doers Of God's Word instead of hearers only?

Sze Zeng said...

Hi Michelle,

Be both doer and hearer :)