Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Discussion on the meaning of the 'eschatological millennium'

Thanks to Michael Bird for the tip. There was a 2-hours discussion organized by John Piper's organization involving:

Jim Hamilton (Professor of New Testament at Southern Seminary in Louisville).

Sam Storms (Pastor of Bridgeway Church in Oklahoma City)

Doug Wilson (Pastor of Christ Church, Moscow, Idaho).

Premillennialism (represented by Jim Hamilton): The return of Christ happens before (pre-) the thousand-year reign of Christ, which is a reign of the risen Christ on the earth.

Amillennialism (represented by Sam Storms): The return of Christ happens after the thousand-year reign, a reign that occurs in heaven, in the intermediate state, and not upon the earth. Those who have died in faith and entered into the presence of Christ share his rule and reign during the current church age in which we now live.

Postmillennialism (represented by Doug Wilson): The return of Christ happens after (post-) the thousand-year reign, which corresponds to the Christian age, and the reign of Christ from heaven leads the church to triumph by and through the gospel to such an extent that the Great Commission will be successfully fulfilled, and the Christian faith will pervade all the cultures of all the nations of men. All Christ's enemies will be subdued in this way, with the exception of death, which he will destroy by his coming.

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