Saturday, October 17, 2009

Be known and be loved

I was delighted to sit in the pew among my fellow Presbyterians to received the Sacrament and the message in June this year.

The speaker was Dr. Ian Smith, a New Testament scholar who is also the current Vice Principal and Academic Dean of the Presbyterian Theological Centre in Sydney. He was also the speaker for this year's ORPC church camp.

Like a glass of cold water in a humid noon, the message quenched me.

Drawing from Jean Paul Satre's 'keyhole-peeping' illustration, Smith shared with us that usually when we are known by other people thoroughly, they will see us in our nakedness with all our weakness, limitations, and filthiness. And in such disgraceful state, hardly we are loved and accepted.

And here is the difference between humans and God. When we are known by other people, we are rejected. But when we are known by God, we are accepted and loved.

Download the message to listen here (from ORPC's website).

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