Thursday, September 24, 2009

Why theologians are poor?

Andreas referred me to this interesting story by Jurgen Moltmann:

"I should like to end this preface to these contributions to an understanding of modernity by telling a little ironical story, which I have from Hans Mayer.

When the modern world was born, three good fairies came along, bringing their good wishes. The first of them wished the child individual liberty, the second wished it social justice, and the third prosperity. But then, on the evening of the same day, the wicked fairy turned up and pronounced: "Only two of these three wishes can be fulfilled." So the modern world of the West chose individual liberty and prosperity. The modern world of the East chose social justice and prosperity. But the philosophers and theologians - and this is my own addition to the story - chose for their ideal world individual liberty and social justice, and consequently never arrived at prosperity." (God for a Secular Society: The Public Relevance of Theology)

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