Thursday, September 03, 2009

TTC's Day of Prayer 2009

Today is Trinity Theological College's Day of Prayer. No classes are going on. Every students and lecturers are encouraged to set this day for prayer.

Now it's the time for personal reflection in our own chosen place. I've come back to my room to blog as I reflect, and in the hope it may help some of you who are reading to take some time to reflect as well.

The reflection questions:

1) The 'milestone' is a metaphor or concept used to name those life events and episodes that give a fresh understanding of the message of Christ salvation as good news for us personally.

Take time to play back in your mind and recall life events and episodes that may be spiritual milestones in your journey with Christ. List as many milestones as you can think of, but select just three or two major ones for further reflection.
What happened during these milestones and why are they major to your personal context? How did these milestones help you to understand Christ salvation message as good news?

2) Think about your home context, church context, and nation context. What are some of the boundaries that divide and isolate different people economically, ethnically, religiously or in any other unique ways in your context?

In what ways may the message of Christ salvation mean good news and peace to some of the different groups of people?
What is the road the feet of the messenger or the Christian community could take to be a bearer of the good news of peace in some of these contexts?

My reflections (brief ones because I have only about 30 minutes to write):

RE 1) List of spiritual milestones in my journey with Christ:

- Those times when I was contemplating and discussing about religion while I was a Buddhist.
- Conversion to Christianity when I was 16/17.
- When I worked at Star Cruises.
- Met many other brothers & sisters at the Agora.
- During the 5 years working at ORTV.
- Got to know a few friends who influences and often challenges my thoughts.
- Entered into a relationship, which so far the longest one.
- The times when I fell again and again in relating to my family, friends, church, and colleagues.

1 milestone for further reflection:

- Met people who had shape the way I see things and live life. Steven Sim is always around, the friends at Agora, pastors and theologians bloggers I met and read online, a friend who doesn't want to be named here, Pui Yee, and clubbing friends. Each one of them has taken a portion of me and painted it before installing back. Some have taken bigger portion, some smaller, but all has colored Sze Zeng's life, all has helped me to see beyond myself. And in effect, my relating to Christ evolved.

RE 2) 8 March 2008 was important not only to me but also to Malaysia as a whole. That was the first time I voted. I took leave and traveled back just for the election. It turns out that that was also the first time the corrupted ruling party lost 2/3 majority in the parliament. I remember shouting Tony Campolo's "Today is Friday, but Sunday's coming!"

Besides economic, ethnic, and religion, there is also one boundary that isolates certain communities in the country: sexuality. Besides women, there are transsexuals who have to end up working as sex workers because the society does not accept them. Last time I've joined a NGO that has distributed condoms to sex workers. It was during that participation that I met many transsexuals who are socially marginalized and scorned.

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