Thursday, September 17, 2009

Theory of evolution as story of our culture

…the theory of evolution is also an explanatory model, and is itself a story that creates coherence and provides connections between different detached perceptions. As a story it fits our present-day culture better, because this culture is one in which perception forms the highest epistemological category, and we regard the controlled perception or experiment as the most controllable form of truth. In keeping with this culture we find that the model of evolution offers a better explanation of the beginning and the formation of the world from the beginning. We even find it so good that we no longer notice its narrative character and regard it as reality. But even this form of explaining, thinking and believing is characterized by a certain transitoriness. Moreover it is an illusion to think that someone can step out of this transitoriness and ssay, ‘Right, this is the account of the beginning or the truth.’"
(Ellen Van Wolde, Stories of the Beginning, p.183. Italic original.)

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