Friday, September 11, 2009

090909 good date for marriage?

366 couples get married on 09/09/09 in Singapore alone, not to mention those in other countries. They interpret this sequence as "jiu jiu jiu" (longevity). Not sure how did they made the logical leap but it seems that many young people enjoy such fanciful whims, if not jokes.

"jiu" is nine in Mandarin. It is pronounced like the word "longevity".

But 090909 is not "jiu jiu jiu". It's "ling jiu, ling jiu, ling jiu" because "ling" is zero. And given "zero" is equivalent to non-existent or nothingness, then 090909 should be translated as "no longevity, no longevity, no longevity."

Are these young couples simply ignoring the "ling" to buttress their own vanity? They see it as 'novelty'. But it seems otherwise. This 'naivety' in effect further vaporizes the already foggy concept of 'wedding' as practiced here and now.

Casual and whimsical hermeneutics are not only found in Bible interpretation, but permeates every layers of the society. This observation reflects the reality of the society that we, the so-called civilized 'moderns', are living in. Civility is not measured by iPhone or a Mazda RX8, but by understanding of which can only be approximated through hermeneutic proper.

The 090909 mass weddings indicates how far back have we arrived.

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SHWong said...

The date is just a clever excuse for husbands to have an easy date to remember. Live and Learn ;)