Monday, August 24, 2009

What's up with me?

This afternoon I had been busy writing the essay on 'Compare and contrast the portrayal of Jesus as Teacher in Matthew's Gospel and Mark's Gospel.' Fortunately the submission date has been postponed to next week. This is a rather challenging topic. I would post the essay here when it's finish.

It seems that everyone is being caught up by their neck nowadays. On my part, besides the essay, there is also an upcoming revision class this Thursday noon, which I will be facilitating. Then there is duty at the chapel on Wednesday. On Thursday, there will be a rehearsal in the afternoon and another one at night. Cultural Night on Friday. Having a presentation next Monday. A mid-term quiz on next week's Wednesday. There is still one essay evaluating the origin of ancient Israelites to b e submitted soon.

While I was busy preparing the essay at the library, Tony Siew was taking a breather away from his heavy duties. Busy time for everyone.

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Kar Yong said...

Not to mention meeting up with LKY! Haha...