Friday, August 28, 2009

Trinity Theological College's Cultural Night 2009

While preparing for Cultural Night 2009, I was asked to stick those alphabets on the wall.
I was more than willing to help:

Theological slaves.. *ahem*.. I mean 'students' were carrying tables from the canteen to this place called 'The Plaza'. Some were decorating the stage:

Some art pieces were displayed to assure the students that sunshine still occurs beyond the college's walls:

Indonesians and Malaysians wore Batik shirts and dresses. I told the Indonesians that they have taken the Malay language and also the 'Rasa Sayang' song, so the Batik should belongs to the Malaysians *grin*:

One of the highlights was the performance by the college's Old Testament professor Gordon Wong and New Testament lecturer Tony Siew. Not sure why Gordon wore a luminous earing during the performance. Probably he picked that up from the ancient Assyrian, if not the Persians:

Besides singing and dancing, there was also a Muay Thai boxing competition by two Thai theological students:

The boxers were warming up with some Thai dances:

Given that these boxers were also Christians, they have to be prayed for by their coaches before the fight starts:

It was fun. We had many good laughs.

Some who have read my critique on the event might be wondering why did I help and participate in the event since I was so critical over it?

For the record, I haven't change my mind over it. I even teased the organizer that they should named the event as 'National Night' instead of 'Cultural Night' this afternoon. (Yet the song 'Saya Anak Malaysia' that I and other Malaysians sang does not represent my sentiment at all.)

Although I still have not change my mind regarding the event yet I always remember this wise saying (can't remember was it told by Sivin Kit, Alex Tang, Kar Yong, Soo Inn, Tony Siew or someone else): "When I was young, I appreciate and enjoy hanging out with smart people. When I am old, I appreciate and enjoy hanging out with kind people."

Critical must stay, but if the event is a joyous one, like this one, I don't see why I should not participate in it, and add in the joy. So I am grateful to the organizers for such wonderful night!


Nalika said...

I LIKE the first picture.. Haha..

Did the muaythai fighters really fight?

At least u have sth light hearted at TTC not like RSIS, a pure bookie setting.

Sivin Kit said...

well, bottom line it's ok to chill (without abandoning our critical hat!)