Sunday, August 09, 2009

Singapore Laksa, pseudo-charismatic interpretation of events, and gratitude

Yesterday after a drama outreach, while on my way home to college's hostel, I walked past Rail Mall's noodle shop. They have tasty Singapore laksa (known as 'curry mee' in Penang). The thought of having a bowl crossed the mind, but wasn't really hungry. It was just a craving. Add to the fact that I'm unemployed now, the craving was left to die.

This morning we, the Trinity Theological College's students, were at Queenstown Lutheran Church for our Field Trip. And after the service, we were invitated to some refreshment before the dialog session with the senior minister of the church. And guess what?? The refreshment was home made Singapore Laksa!!

God knows my heart's desire, and He has provided. He knows that I am unemployed and have that craving, so He prepared this morning's meal for me (pardon the indulgence in spiritual individualism).

Ok, enough sarcasm, on a serious note, I really thank God for His mercy and providence. I was very worried previously over the finances of the studies and my survival. So far, I still haven't go through a day without food, water, bed, and clothes. To these I'm grateful. Yet God's providence posts a serious challenge. As Rowan Williams articulated, "...How do you live out gives thanks in everything? How do I live so that the message in my life communicates gratitude? Not anxiety, not acquisitiveness, not security, but gratitude. How do I live so that it's as if my face seems to be turned towards that Source of gift? And that's not easy because the world presses on us with apparent priorities and anxieties, acquisition, and so on."


Kar Yong said... when i see you end of this month, let's have something that you have been craving for. It's on me since I still earn a "salary" :-)

Sze Zeng said...

Hi KY,

Hahaha thank you very much!! So looking forward! (not the laksa, but catching up with you)