Thursday, August 06, 2009

Management & Theology

From traversing theological reflection over to management, I've come to think that all management gurus and books are grappling the same issue: The tensed relation between 'order' and 'flexibility'.

Too much order and red-tape, flexibility will be low, and hence creativity is limited as the space for people's creative expression is confined. Too much flexibility, order is not in place, and hence many tasks hardly are accomplished.

And if we traverse that tension to all the perennial debates between the 'transcendent' and the 'imminent', you'll find many similarity. For instance, the Open Theism debate, the Hyper-Calvinist-Arminian debate, the Scripture's inspiration debate, the Theodicy debate, the homosexuality debate, etc.

And if management is ultimately about accomplishing a task with efficiency and effectiveness, then keeping the tension in constant view will assist to chart the way forward.

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